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Adore Your Home

Organic Home

Services + Solutions

Greenify Your Home

We'll guide you on how to detox your entire home or whatever rooms you wish. We'll identify hotspots and replace them with earth friendly products, either from the store or give you DIY recipes.


Detox Your Kitchen

We'll identify culprits that impede health and help replace them with natural health friendly substitutes.

How to Clean Your Home Naturally

Best nontoxic cleaning products, tips on must dos like:

HVAC, damp dusting, etc.

Filter Your Water 

Best water filters for your health, family, and pets

Organic Care Kits for:

  • kitchen

  • bath & laundry

  • baby & kids

  • pets

  • garden, yard and garage

  • subscriptions available


Trash Lab

Recycle, Compost, and Trash Organizer. Really keen for smaller kitchens.


  • Nontoxic removal of animals, bugs and pests. 

  • Non Toxic Home and Office Cleaning

  • Purifying HEPA indoor Air Treatments

  • Water Filter installation: make your tap water safe again

  • Zero VOC Painting

  • Prepare your home for market

  • Organic design 

  • Detox Your Home and Kitchen



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